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Ready to meet your future Care Coordinator?

Bring more patients back for radiology follow-ups, boost patient retention and deliver unparalleled care -- automatically.

No change to the clinical workflow

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of radiologists in the USA are involved in at least one communication related lawsuit


of radiology reports are not understood by the average adult in the US


We are changing that

We are changing that

of healthcare data is unstructured and unusable


of radiological follow up recommendations are missed  


We are changing that

We are changing that

Through the improvement of patient follow-up adherence

Increase Revenue

Through the reduction of miscommunication and human error

Reduce Risk and Liability

Through the automation of monitoring systems, alerts and communication

Automate Workflows

Through the simplification of patient facing communications

Improve Patient Satisfaction

The Power of the  Agamon Platform.

Coordinate, Simplify and Automate clinical processes and data


We are excited to introduce three products that make up Agamon’s core offering

Structure medical texts and unlock crucial insights

Agamon  Coordinate.

Automates follow-up coordination, making it easy to close the loop on patient follow ups; minimize liability risk, boost revenue and limit care gaps.

“Agamon has built advanced AI and NLP that assess the significance of findings extracted from unstructured medical text, starting with radiology reports. This helps us make sure no important clinical recommendation ever falls through the cracks and will assist with automating timely review of large report volumes”

Dr. Daniel Siegal

Vice Chair of Radiology


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Agamon  Analyze.

Builds cohorts with zero limitations, unlocking tremendous value and actionable insights from medical documents previously unused.


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״Agamon helps us gain meaningful insights on our performance, clinical decisions and patient conditions. This allows us to quickly react to different conditions and ultimately deliver faster & better care for our patients״

Dr. Michal Guindy

Assuta Medical Centers

Michal Guindi
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Agamon  Simplify.

Transforms complex radiology reports into patient-friendly language; empowering patients with a level of ownership never before accessible.


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"More than ever before, patients are looking to play an active role in their health;  I look forward to Agamon’s solution that allows us to easily share radiological reports with patients in a way that they can easily understand. Agamon helps us empower our patients and keep them satisfied.”

Richard Bradford

Chairman, InHealth Group