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There is considerable opportunity in providing AI-driven solutions in the pre, and post-diagnostic pathway, including referrals, scan setup and acquisition, reporting, follow-up management, practice management, and other "noninterpretive" workflows…

May 17, 2020

Health-systems are known to be “sitting” on tons of data, full of high clinical and financial value…

Jul 30, 2019

Five startups are set to graduate on the end of July from the first Tel Aviv cohort of Google for Startups Residency, the company’s startup residency program…

Jul 10, 2019

They are creative, ambitious, vigorous, and motivated and are here to stay…

Dec 26, 2018

For 100 days, six start-ups had the opportunity to further develop their health solutions within Bayer’s G4A Accelerator program…

Jan 11, 2019

Oracle today announced the five startups for the company’s second six-month Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Tel Aviv…

Jun 26, 2018

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Agamon built an intelligence platform that can access high-quality data and insights on radiology, decision support, and digital imaging...

Thomas Jefferson names 4 winners of $1M health tech innovation competition

May 20, 2020

London investment firm MMC Ventures is pitching in the largest share of capital, with additional contributions from Bayer, Seedcamp and InHealth Ventures...

Israeli startup that uses AI to declutter radiology reports raises $3M in new funding

June 23, 2020

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Agamon   5

The panel included Glenn Kaplan, MD, VP of Radiology at Envision Healthcare, Daniel Siegal, MD, Vice Chair of Radiology at Henry Ford Health System, and moderator Daniel Durand, MD, Chief Innovation Officer and Chair of Radiology at LifeBridge Health..

Case Study - 55% of patients do not complete radiology follow-up recommendations

January 20, 2020

Henry Ford Innovations teams with Agamon to deliver better radiology care

April 5, 2021

DETROIT - Studies show that more than 50 percent of patients don’t follow up on care needed following a CT, MRI, X-Ray or other radiology study.

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Lack of compliance with radiologists' follow-up recommendations may lead to decreased patient care, loss of revenue, and legal liability.

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