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About Agamon Health

Our team is experienced with building data platforms that transform traditional industries. We are passionate, curious individuals - doctors, technologists, and entrepreneurs - united by the mission to transform clinical data into knowledge.

Who we are

Agamon Health was built out of a shared commitment to unleashing maximum potential. We strive for the best in everything we do, and work hard to empower others to do the same.

We believe that current processes around medical reporting represent an opportunity to unleash significant potential; with measurable gains to be had by patients, doctors, hospitals and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Data is power

Innovation drives transformation

We believe in the power of data; to unlock key insights, to drive informed decision-making, to make the world a better place.

A world without innovation is a world that stands still. We constantly challenge ourselves to see around corners, to leverage data in a way that helps the world advance forward, always striving for something bigger, something better.

Simplicity is key

We use data to drive innovations that simplify processes and deliverables; we strive for a world where data is used to empower all kinds of people, not just those who are well-versed in data centric languages.

Our values


Michal Meiri

Co-founder & CEO

Omri Sivan

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum

Steve Linowes

US General Manager

Medical Advisor


Join Us

Dr. Geraldine McGinty

Medical Advisor

Dr. Itamar Tamir

Medical Director



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