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Bring More Patients Back For Follow-ups, Automatically

It's never been easier to close the loop on patient follow ups; minimize liability risk, boost revenue and limit care gaps.

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5 new patients with a follow-up recommendation

Why is “Closing the Loop” Critical?

In 50% of patient follow-up cases, the radiological recommendation is not followed. This lack of adherence can lead to late diagnoses, and in extreme cases, death.

25% of radiologists in the USA are involved in at least one communication related lawsuit.

Dr. Daniel Siegal, Vice Chair of Radiology at Henry Ford Health System

55% of patients do not complete radiology follow-up recommendations

Case Study

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Identifies correct follow-up recommendations and highlights significant findings.

Communicates key recommendations and findings to the referring physician and the patient.


Tracks patient adherence to ensure the advised process is followed, providing a clear audit trail.

How it Works

Better follow-up rates means more patient visits as well as an opportunity to reduce patient leakage; both of which can drive significant additional revenue.

An Opportunity for Additional Revenue