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Bring More Patients Back For Follow-ups, Automatically

It's never been easier to close the loop on patient follow ups; minimize liability risk, boost revenue and limit care gaps.

Agamon coordinate

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5 new patients with a follow-up recommendation

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Why is “Closing the Loop” Critical?

In 50% of patient follow-up cases, the radiological recommendation is not followed. This lack of adherence can lead to late diagnoses, and in extreme cases, death.

25% of radiologists in the USA are involved in at least one communication related lawsuit.

Dr. Daniel Siegal, Vice Chair of Radiology at Henry Ford Health System

55% of patients do not complete radiology follow-up recommendations

Case Study

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Identifies correct follow-up recommendations and highlights significant findings.

Communicates key recommendations and findings to the referring physician and the patient.


Tracks patient adherence to ensure the advised process is followed, providing a clear audit trail.

How it Works

Better follow-up rates means more patient visits as well as an opportunity to reduce patient leakage; both of which can drive significant additional revenue.

An Opportunity for Additional Revenue


Number of annual reports

Follow-up recommendations 20%
Follow-up no shows 55%
Additional conversion rate with Agamon Health 50%

Avg. reimbursement per procedure

Select average cost

$100 $500 $1000 $1500 $2000

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In “closing the loop” on follow-up recommendations, Agamon Coordinate dramatically improves patient health outcomes.

Optimized Health Outcomes

Through a clear audit trail of actions and a closed-loop system, Agamon Coordinate greatly limits personal liability risk for medical professionals.  

Reduced Liability Risk for Medical Professionals

Through simplified messaging and processes, Agamon Coordinate provides referring physicians and patients  with tools to track progress and manage follow-up care needs.

Improved Referring Physician and Patient Satisfaction

The Result

Agamon Coordinate alleviates the administrative burdens that accompany both follow-up and auditing processes; allowing clinicians to redirect precious time and energy to where it matters most.

Automated Workflows