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Streamlining the Continuum of Care in Radiology with Natural Language Processing

Webinar On Demand


Watch to discover:

  • The unique position of radiology in the care continuum

  • Challenges and opportunities of streamlining radiology workflows to deliver better patient care

  • What is NLP and its growing role in radiology workflows

  • How AI and NLP technologies are evolving and what we can expect from this technology in the near future

As our industry works towards piecing together a traditionally fragmented healthcare system, radiology is regaining recognition as the nexus of clinical care. However, sitting at the juncture of multiple care pathways brings responsibilities that radiology providers must somehow juggle along with increasing workloads, administrative tasks and managing risks.

In this virtual discussion, our guest speakers explored the challenges and opportunities of using Artificial Intelligence technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to streamline workflow and improve quality of care.


Prof. Lincoln Berland, M.D., FACR

Professor, Radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham; founded the ACR Incidental Findings Committee

Prof. Berland has dedicated about 140 research papers, one book and 45 years to the field of radiology. He founded the ACR Incidental Findings Committee in 2006, through which he has led research on how to manage incidental findings that are discovered via CT and MRI, and developed computerized decision support algorithms for these recommendations.

Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum

Chief Technology Officer & VP at RadNet Inc.

Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum is the Chief Technology Officer, Director of Advanced Imaging and Vice President at RadNet Inc. His focus areas include applied Artificial Intelligence, advanced medical imaging, neuroimaging and diagnostic imaging.

Timor Marom

Head of Product at Agamon

Timor's success in launching AI-powered technology into the Healthcare and Fintech industries has been based on acquiring a deep understanding of both the applications of Artificial Intelligence, and the practical and emotional aspects of a users’ product experience. As Head of Product at Agamon, she is applying her user-centered approach to building tools that solve real problems and deliver true value for the medical industry.


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