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Next Gen Clinical Data Analyses Start Here

Agamon Analyze drives actionable analysis from medical documents without the tedious data mining backend, transforming the way health professionals work with clinical data today


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A Holistic View of the Clinical Picture

Existing analytics solutions rely on structured data from the EMR and claims systems, providing only a high-level view of the patient journey and conditions.

80% of healthcare data is unstructured and unusable




Extracts key information from medical documents in real time, unlocking a world of insights previously unavailable.

Leverages its deep learning capabilities to understanding clinical concepts along with their associated anatomies and traits (severity and incidental findings).


Arms healthcare professionals with advanced search queries, providing them with a simple way to set alerts, identify patients, build cohorts and measure performance and quality.

How it Works

Agamon Analyze arms healthcare workers with automation tools to optimise efficiency and elevate measurement capabilities; redirecting precious time and resources previously spent on data mining, analytics and setting alerts.

Automated Tools to Boost Efficiency and Elevate Measurement Capabilities

Through the extraction of key medical insights from previously unused documents, Agamon Analyze unlocks a new depth of clinical understanding unique to anything that exists today.

Transformed Clinical Understanding

Empowers healthcare professionals, scientists and medical practices with the tools needed to mine through millions of data points with ease; re-inventing traditional approaches to clinical trials and big data research.

Revolutionised Clinical Trials and Big Data Research

The Result

Report Example
Report Example 2
Report Example 3
Report Example 3

High Impact Platform, Low Touch Setup

Seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, including RIS, PACS and schedule systems. Agamon supports HL7, FHIR, XML, EDI and free text.

With no changes to the clinical workflow required, Agamon Analyze can be set up quickly with little time investment required.



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