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55% of patients do not complete radiology follow-up recommendations

Lack of compliance with radiologists' follow-up recommendations may lead to improper patient care, loss of revenue, and legal liability

Case study

Low adherence to radiology follow-up recommendations is widespread across the US healthcare system. Literature indicates that 35% of imaging recommendations for follow-up care are not fulfilled.To better understand the scope and consequences of this problem, Agamon worked with several hospitals in the US to examine their data and identify solutions. After analyzing 3 million radiology reports, we found that the actual number of unfulfilled imaging follow-up recommendations is much higher than existing medical literature states. More than 55% of patients do not adhere to radiology follow-up recommendations. With the help of Agamon Coordinate, these hospitals were able to ramp-up their overall follow-up rate, improve patient care, and increase revenue.


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